Excellence in Tool Design

Excellence in Tool Design

An old proverb says, "Only the best tools produce the best products". Along the same line, we consider our in-house tool design as part of our core expertise and a key success factor in global competition. No matter where in the world vehicles are built, we always deliver first-class quality.

Our tools allow us to realize highly complex geometries, which enables us to satisfy the diverse design expectations of our customers. Even when those designs require coated materials or high-strength steels or aluminum, which are demanding to work with in the deep-drawing process. We also ensure compliance with special product specifications such as differing wall thicknesses or very low tolerances, as in the case of drilled holes. Our flexible tool concepts allow not only a variety of final assembly alternatives without ever changing the tools, but also a very high number of variants using innovative interchangeable tools. Everything with the highest possible stroke rate, as few work steps as possible, minimized material requirements and no need for reworking.

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